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04 August 2017

This is my second week back at work, as I am a Grade 3 school teacher, so I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 week break! Early mornings are seeming to get harder as each one approaches, and I have to convince myself each and every morning to get out of bed and get ready. Except it

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24 July 2017

It’s so true when they tell you that pregnant women are like sponges sucking up every last drop of information! I have just finished my 14th week of pregnancy and am addicted to every mommy & pregnancy blog, medical article and magazine I can find that informs me of  something new and interesting with regards

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The Heat!

We are currently going through a heat wave and it is brutal! I cannot seem to regulate my body temperature. I’m too hot and when I attempt to cool down by getting into the pool I get too cold. It is incredibly frustrating. At times I feel like the combination of my son and the

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