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The Heat!

We are currently going through a heat wave and it is brutal! I cannot seem to regulate my body temperature. I’m too hot and when I attempt to cool down by getting into the pool I get too cold. It is incredibly frustrating. At times I feel like the combination of my son and the

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Getting big!

And I mean really big. Like having to pick up momentum to roll out of bed big. It’s an adjustment. Loving my bump and my little active monkey though. He’s recently taken a liking to a position right on top of my bladder. Feels like he’s using it as a trampoline. It’s quite a strange

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It’s a boy!

Finally!! So excited to welcome our little boy into the world. It feels more real now that we can stop calling the baby “it”. Now to get the house ready for little Benjamin! I don’t know if I’ll lose mommy points but I haven’t even thought of what the nursery will look like. I have

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